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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finally, after a 3 years time, I completed my diploma in Audio Visual Technology at Ngee Ann Polytechnic with quite a good result. Well, it is just about a figure and that's all.

So here comes the junction where I need to decide what should I pursue for the next phase. Study or Work? Something that is not easy for me to decide and my decision is affected from many aspects, family, financial situation and so on.

But no matter what, I am graduated and now I am figuring out which industry suit me the best, either event setup or engineering. Personally I am prefer to work for engineering because that is where I am more confident and comfortable with.

Overseas study is one of my plan and it is unlikely will happen due to the money issue. I need to prepare a minimum of 30K dollars in order to support myself at overseas.

Anyway, after a long break I finally update my blog, on north south highway. This is also my first time to try out so called blog-on-the-go. It is be perfect if maxis can provide the coverage as good as Starhub is providing in Singapore but unfortunately Starhub is not allow prepaid user to get 3G service. Things are not perfect all the time, aren't we?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ok, first of all, I would like to wish everyone has a happy 2010 and a happy chinese new year.

It has been about 2 months that I forgot I do have a blog and thankfully they didn't delete my account due to the inactive.

Well, finally I am freeeeee from attachment. It was great experience to me for getting know more people and learn how to deal with different kinds of people. Meanwhile, it was also messed up my life because of its no-release-time working hour. I was working about 30 hours continuously on last 2 days. As you can see, I am still surviving and moving on.

Few more hours later, the year of tiger will reach and hopefully it will be a better year for me. Job, money, further studies, this and that are currently my most concern of my life so hopefully I can manage to come out a best solution for everything.

Ok, got to go for my new year eve gathering with my friends. See you and take care everyone...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Recently I was busying for my attachment and hopefully things will get better after February.

I spent a whole Christmas day just for recovering my body from no enough of sleeping. Anyway, wish everyone has a merry christmas and a happy new 2010.

Well, I just want to share a few cool video clips with you that lighting effect actually may not necessary done by computer. It can be manually done by excellent time syncing.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Well, I seldom to post something personal here except for this time. I was quite emotional recently due to certain reason. Don't know why and don't know how should I explain all of these because I can't even make thing clear in my mind.

After so many years of being single, I am already used to be alone and thanks to that, sometime I found that being alone can be quite good such as you don't need to wait for anyone and follow anyone. I can do whatever I like and I want in your life. Because it is all mine.

Sometime I found that I am actually quite fortunate to be a single because something happened on my friend recently let me realise something, it is not easy to maintain a relationship. At least I believe so....

Hope everything will be alright, my bro. If you saw this post, I hope that you will understand who I mentioned.

Single isn't bad. But sometime when you see the people around you is in paired. How sweet is that. It tells you that being single is not perfect because no matter how strong you are, you need someone that you can tell her everything, not need to act or pretend anything when you are in front of her and someone can listen all my complains of what I dislike.

Maybe that sounds too simple but for me, it is maybe the hardest in my life. How to get such a person that can understand you so well. I have really no idea how....

I was trying to get into relationship before. Thanks to my buddy. They are really concern about me but sorry I did let them down. Thing was just can't work out.

I am afraid that I am just getting too desperately. I really do....

Recently I was chatting with someone that we knew each other quite long time ago. She is good, clever(she claimed herself as a clever girl), outgoing and considerate. I don't want to mess up her life so I won't give too much details about her.

I thought that was just simply chatting like chatting with an old friend. I think we both were really thinking that way. She is still single now and she is 'shopping' for her target. That was actually very simple.

But something weird happened on the night. I was having a weird dream. A really long dream.

In the dream, I can't remember where it started. I was getting married with her in overseas. After we complete the wedding, we came back to our home but thing was just not going so smoothly. My parents were disagree with my decision because both of us were still young and due to other reasons I had no choice need to leave her alone. She was very sad and decided to go somewhere to seek for her future. I was trying to get her back and I did meet her somewhere. She rejected me and I was crying like hell. We were been apart for many years later, we met again somewhere but we didn't be together in the end.

How does the dream sound to you? Dramatic isn't it? At least to me it was very dramatic.

But the thing is every part of the dream did affect my feeling. Although it was a dream but I can feel the feeling. It was so real. Maybe I am just thinking too much... I am not sure what is happened on me.

But I know at least the dream was telling me that my effort was been wasted because I spent so many years to learn how to let it go and I thought I did but actually I didn't....

Maybe for those who understand me and know what I had been through for these few years, they will know who am I talking about. No matter you know who is she or not, what I want is nothing much. I am just seeking for advice. I have no idea what should I do next. Should I get back to her? or should I just move forward?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week Two

Here come my second week of attachment:


Setting up projectors and screens.

We did a setup in Sheraton Tower for a conference. I am not sure what the event was about but what I know is the event was related to Intel. I helped to do projector setup such as setting up the screen and doing the adjustment for the projector to make sure the image is able to projected well on screen. Image alignment, colour correction and contrast comparison are the tests to make sure the setting is correct. We spent quite lot of times for doing image alignment because we need to ensure that 3 projectors can project the image to the screen nicely and can combine become a whole image. As you can imagine, the 3 screens were putting together side by side.

Someone was plugged in the RGBHV cable wrongly.


Effect processing unit.

Mackie SRM 350

That was nothing much happened on the day. No event need to be set up. So we had to stay at office to do some housekeeping works such as cleaning the flight case, do labelling for the flight cases for convenience purposes. I took the chance to know more about the equipment and did some research on it. I found out something pretty interesting, which is wireless DMX transmitter and receiver.


Same as yesterday. Nothing much happened on the day but we need to get prepared for the next 3 days because we have 2 major events are coming up and another is wedding ceremony set up. So I followed Xiao Boy(Eng Meng) to prepare the necessary lighting gears for the next 3 events. Now I am more get used to their working style although it is quite tiring most of the time but I think this will be a good chance for me to figure it out what suit me the best.


Doing frequency response test for EV speakers.

Today we need to do set up at St Regis for a wedding ceremony. The wedding is held by a tycoon's son. Well, that is not the point. Before the set up, the technicians from Electro Voice came to do quality check for their speakers. Our company purchased about 24 line array speakers. The test they did was exactly the same as what we did during audio technology lesson. Thanks to Dr Wang. The guys explained to me how important the test is to maintain the quality of the driver to make sure the frequency response and level are still within acceptable range.

This was the first time I have been assigned to do rigging and cabling for the lighting. In the end, I managed to get the job done and now I am more confidence to do it and I know what I am doing and what should I do. We did a small PA system set up at the entrance there. Although this doesn't sounds too hard for us but at least now they are more comfortable to assign work for us to do. It is a great start I guess.

Running and taping down the cabling properly is very important to ensure the cable looks neatly and easier for teardown later.

The lighting gears were ready.


Here comes to the last day of the week. We were doing a set up at Singapore Expo. The amount of equipment involved wasn't a lot but the scale of the event set up was quite a huge set up. Me and Nigel were helping Roy to build up the trusses for projector screen. Most of the senior colleagues were busying for the set up so we didn't disturb them too much and we were just doing some simple job such as clearing the venue, taping the cable and make sure the cable is running smoothly and nicely, arranging all the empty flight cases to make sure that all the cases are keeping neatly. After the set up, Ah Kim and Ah Hui and another guy were explaining to us how the whole video distribution system work with connecting all the input and output devices such as monitor, projector and video camera.

The lighting setup for the event. Part of the trusses was assembled by me and Nigel.

Line array (EV).

Monday, September 21, 2009

A lot of flight cases...

Preparing the equipment for the set up.

Level 2, the place where stores all the lighting equipment and line array speakers.

Programming the moving lights.

Level 1, the place where stores all the power cables and XLR cables.

Lighting Board (Pearl)

Doing the set up for HTC roadshow.

On the way....

After the set up....

Portable dimmer pack.

He is Eng Meng, the lighting designer and lighting board operator.

The control booth for the Canon Partnership Signing event.

From Swiss Hotel level 69....

Level 4 where they store all the video equipments.

A lot of flight cases....

Trusses... can't really count got how many of them...

Level 3.

Level 3.

Loading the Trusses.

Preparing music to cheer up.

After a disappointing N97, now is the time to show something great for the loyal Nokia supporters.

The New Nokia Internet Tablet N900, combining with Maemo 5 operating system. The OS is part of the family of Linux and it has the same characteristic as Linux. It is compatible with most of the Linux applications and it is a open source operation system as similar as Andriod.

If you would like to know more about Maemo, click Here

Here is part of the specification about N900:

Weight: 180g
Touch screen 3.5 “800 × 480 (WVGA
OMAP3430 processor clocked at 500/600 Mhz
GSM Quad-Band 850, 900, 1800, 1900. WCDMA 900, 1700/2100, 2100
Camera 5 megapixel Carl Zeiss with dual-LED flash, autofocus, sliding and hide
1GB of virtual memory (256MB physical RAM, 768MB virtual memory)
32GB of storage.
Battery 1320 mAh

The problem is, when you see such a great device but only come with a 500Mhz processor, I believe that you might have the same doubt as mine. Why Nokia only equipped such a average speed of processor for this great device. Iphone 3GS is come with 600Mhz, 1Ghz processor for mobile phone is also available.

This is not the only thing that Nokia should improve. Here is the another problem, the resistive touch screen. I believe that resistive touch screen is not as fast as others such as iPhone and HTC. I hope when the time is coming, Nokia will solve the problems and make this become a great internet tablet.

If you want to know more about N900, here is the Review

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